As a guitarist, Aaron Kessler has an endless thirst for knowledge, and is passionate about spreading the joy guitar has brought to his life. Whether you want to learn your favorite songs, music theory, songwriting, improvisation, ear training, or sight-reading, Aaron will cater the lesson to you. He plays and teaches all styles, but specializes in blues, r&b, funk, soul and country. 

Anyone in the Nashville area interested in lessons can call or email for details. Skype lessons are also available for those outside of Nashville. 




STudent Testimonials

"As an aspiring musician, proper training and instruction has been key to my development. With his diverse musical background and patience through sometimes stubborn learning curves, Aaron enabled me to improve all aspects of my playing and more confidently navigate the guitar."
-Gareth W. 

"Aaron is an immensely talented individual. As a teacher he was able to quickly understand how I learn and use it productively. He gave me the ability and tools to continue my studies, develop my craft, and love what I do." 
-Christian S. 

"Aaron is an awesome teacher. I was really hesitant to play the guitar at first, but after he demonstrated some beginner techniques and drew up some chords charts, I began to actually enjoy it. Studying with Aaron was the most fund I have had learning the instrument"
   -Ariel T.